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Join us as we define college, career, & life readiness through the Portrait of a New Kent Graduate. 


This site highlights how NKCPS supports college, career, & life readiness by embedding

K-12 content.  Additional pages are available at the bottom & under "More" at the top.



"True North is the internal compass that guides you successfully through life...It is your orienting point -              your fixed point in a spinning world ..."

                                                                               -Bill George, Author, "True North"

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Why Focus on College, Career, & Life Readiness?

Employers report that new hires lack essential skills for success on the job.  Colleges lament that students possess significant deficiencies in math & English.  NKCPS pledges that every student will graduate college, career, & life ready. 


Our students are prepared to contribute to a diverse & changing world.   We set high expectations in the classroom & emphasize communication, collaboration, ethical & global stewardship, critical & creative thinking,  & being a goal-directed & resilient citizen. The result is a life ready, individual with 21st century skills. 

In the next sections you will see how New Kent County Schools is poised to ensure our students are career & life ready!


What is the Portrait of a New Kent Graduate?

NKCPS has defined a set of critical skills that embody a "life ready" New Kent Graduate.  We will instill the confidence & creative problem-solving needed to navigate the twists & turns of life. 


The Portrait of a New Kent Graduate & the NKCPS plan become the students' compass to finding their true North.  To see the Portrait of a New Kent Graduate, click "Read More."

What is Our College, Career, & Life Readiness Plan?

The skill elements of the Portrait of a New Kent Graduate serve as markers on the path to life readiness. Our plan outlines how students will learn, reinforce, & retain these necessary skills. 

We embed classroom content & supporting events & activities that foster exposure & attainment. 


Every student has chosen an "exit strategy" comprised of one of the 3 E's: Enroll, Enlist, or Employ.  Students will set post-high school transition goals to either enroll in school, enlist in the armed forces, or join the employment world.  To see how we do this on the elementary, middle & high school levels, click "Read More."

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